Monday, November 14, 2011

Black and White ATCs

For a swap Nothing But ATCs.

Artistic Choice ATCs

The first ATC card is for the Yahoo swap "Nothing But ATCs". This is my first steam punk...I love it! The second ATC is a bubbled butterfly.

ATC Cardinals

These were made for the Yahoo Group "Nothing But ATCs"

Body Form Tags

These are two different tags I made for a swap on the "Everything But ATCs" Yahoo Group

ATC Lace

These are ATCs for a Yahoo swap for the Nothing But ATCs group.

Harvest Angel

I have just taken over Fantastic FLat Paper Doll Group on Yahoo. This was my first swap for the November 2011 Harvest Angel. I will be changing somethings on the group; including more doll swaps and doll ATCs. If you would like to join us, contact me at and we will get you started.

Snow Queen

This is for the Yahoo group ATC Dolls.

Halloween 4 x4

Halloween ATC

Halloween ATC


Witch & Doll

Artist Choice 4x4


ATC Cards

Artist Choice



Halloween ATC Cards