Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Victorian Pictures and Hat box

I found these letters of our names in a card shop. The minute I saw them I thought of my victorian room. Well here they are all finished. I framed them and cut mats from 12x12 scrapbooking paper. Then I began to embellish them in the left and right corners to match the flowers in the pictures. They turned out really well. They match my victorian theme I have going and the hat box I found at a thrift store. Ta da it goes perfectly as if I bought them all together.

Burgandy Pin Cushion

I have seen these before at fairs and stores so I have decided to make my own. I found a beautiful burgandy glass tea cup. The design on it was lovely. So taking some stuffing and the toe of some panty hose, I stuffed them, rubber banded it closed and then wrapped it in white satin fabric. Then I hot glued it into the cup. The rest is embellishments. The thimble on the side was a cheap one from the store. Now I have a lovely pin cushion for my craft room. I think it turned out lovely and useable.

Victorian Pin Holder

I am trying to save money like most of us but I needed a pin holder to hang on my mirror. So I made a small hanger from a big wire hanger and then covered it with batting and then with muslin and lace. The rest was all embellishments. Pretty don't you think? As you can see it's got my angel pin on it now. This was cheap and fairly fast to do. It turned out very victorian.

Battenburg Umbrella

I found this battenburg fan at an estate sale. So home it came with me for my victorian bedroom. I used silk flowers and a gorgeous lace ribbon to match the colors of the flowers.

Wall Hanging

This year I have decided to redo my
bedroom, in a more victorian style.
So I have began to make several things.
This is a wall hanging made with lace
and silk roses, ribbon and velvet ribbons.
I used babies breath on it also.