Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Burgandy Pin Cushion

I have seen these before at fairs and stores so I have decided to make my own. I found a beautiful burgandy glass tea cup. The design on it was lovely. So taking some stuffing and the toe of some panty hose, I stuffed them, rubber banded it closed and then wrapped it in white satin fabric. Then I hot glued it into the cup. The rest is embellishments. The thimble on the side was a cheap one from the store. Now I have a lovely pin cushion for my craft room. I think it turned out lovely and useable.


  1. I love what you have added in the last few days.This tea cup idea is the bomb!I love the way you decorated it.I have some tea cups and this would be a great idea to put them to use.They would make small and useful prezzys.Thanks for sharing!Big hugs.
    From Danise

  2. Love this. I am a tea cup collector but sadly most are in storage. I miss the simple elegance of sitting down and having a lovely cup of tea while reading a good book. You have such great talents girl. I am envious. Lila